My name is Pam Walls and I design board games, usually minus the board.

I specialize in party games because, well, I love them! To me, a great party game needs 4 things:

1. Social interaction
2. Easy to learn
3. Laughter
4. Fast/good pacing

I call this the SELF system and I apply this framework to (most of) my designs.

I created Party Hat Games, my own independent board game design company, after 10+ years of designing games. I spend my days working as an events coordinator at the University of Toronto, and devote my lunch hours, evenings and weekends to playtesting and revising my tabletop games.

For many years, I created my games in lone wolf mode – designing in isolation and testing with only my friends and family. It was only in 2015 that I began to navigate the board game industry. The community is wonderful and welcoming, however I did notice it is very male dominated. And when I couldn’t find a forum for female board game designers, I decided to start the Facebook group Board Game Broads, a space where female board game designers/publishers/enthusiasts can discuss game design, the board game industry and provide feedback and support for each other. I am a proud BGB-er!

In 2016, I started ProtoTO, Toronto’s tabletop game design convention, as a way to provide another local opportunity for designers to test their games.

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Thanks for checking out Party Hat Games, and remember:

Every game is a party, and every party… needs a Party Hat!

Pam Walls
Owner & Designer, Party Hat Games