My name is Pam Walls and I am a board game designer based out of Toronto, Ontario. I am the designer of the party game Hold That Face published by Hasbro in 2017.

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, I have enjoyed playing games from an early age. As a kid, you could find me playing Rummoli and other card games with my family, playing Outburst or Guesstures with my friends or trying to complete Super Mario Brothers 3 (again). I have always enjoyed modifying games or coming up with my own and got more serious about board game design in my early 20s when I moved to Toronto.

I have tested game ideas on my friends and family for many years and in the summer of 2015, I was planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign for one of my games. As part of my research, I listened to the Funding the Dream podcast and read A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide by Jamey Stegmaier. These resources taught me the importance of building community and creating meaningful relationships in the industry.

So, in the fall of 2015, I ventured out into the board game community and started attending Snakes & Lattes and 401 Games designer nights. I created my game design company, Party Hat Games, and got on Twitter and Facebook. I started Board Game Broads, a forum for women and gender non-conforming folks in the board game design community. I attended my first playtesting convention, Prototype Con, in Orlando in the winter of 2016. This event inspired me to start ProtoTO, Toronto’s tabletop game design convention, which held its inaugural event in the summer of 2016.

After learning more about the industry, I realized that the self-publishing route was not for me and decided to pursue pitching my games to publishers. I showed my game, Just Face It, to Hasbro representatives at ProtoTO 2016 and they licensed the game soon after. Now called Hold That Face, it was included in the Hasbro Party Gaming Crate which was delivered to subscribers in December, 2017.

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Thanks for checking out Party Hat Games, and remember:

Every game is a party, and every party… needs a Party Hat!

Pam Walls
Owner & Designer, Party Hat Games